Opened in the spirit of the original Bob-In, Bob-In Again is Petoskey's favorite place for good friends and good food to meet.  Elvis Presley playing on the Jukebox and Hula Hoops on the wall are part of our 1950's experience including an antique Soda Fountain, Spinning Barstools, and an original Root Beer Barrel.  Since 2003, Bob-In Again has enjoys having fun serving our Guests!   

The Original Bob-In was located on the corner of Stuart Ave and Bay View Road, current home of the Bahnhof Ski Shop.  Opening each May 1 and closing after the Petoskey High School football game, Bob-In was a summer place known for their Frosty Root Beers, Coney Dogs, and Pizza Burgers​.  Bob-In was started by the Bob Starmer Family, Bob-In was a way for their family to earn money to attend college.  There were eight stools and outside car service.  Richardson's Root Beer and Orange Nehi were served from the soda fountain; many young people would see how many Root Beer Mugs they could make off without the Car hops knowing.  Some of the mugs have been returned to Bob-In Again.

Bob-In Again was started because my Dad and I love Frozen Custard, Classic Cars, and Rock N' Roll.  Frozen Custard is the world's best ice cream because it's frozen fresh in short little batches each day and has super dense smoothe texture.  My Wife's parent s remember the Bob-In fondly as children and they gave my the idea to call my new business:  Bob-In Again.  Bob-In Again wouldn't be possible without the love and hard work of my mother and my wife.  I am truly blessed to have two wonderful women supporting me in all of my endeavors.  We thank you for your patronage.  Bob-In Again would not be possible without you, our Guest.

Our Story